Assignment 1: Say Hello

To begin my greeting card I decided to start with a few notes about myself. After making different notes and also looking at photos from the past for information I came with two ideas; 1. What I love to draw and 2. What i love to do.

I stumbled on a photo of me traveling and its a little embarrassing, but I tend to loose things in my giant ‘mary poopins’ bag, so I dump everything out to find what I’m looking for.  I happen to find two photos of me, with my bag on the ground and all the items inside scattered along the sidewalk. I thought, how better to know someone then to see whats in their bag! That was my inspiration for my greeting card. I did a few small sketches and studies. I tried to think about my style and what are my favorite materials. This will also be how I will say hello.




After a few sketches, I started on my final. I used micron tech liner pens on watercolor paper. I used a small amount of Gamboge Tint to add some flare. It was difficult to decide whether or not I was going to use a lot of color or if I was going to keep in simple. I decided to keep it simple and then I scanned the image and played around on photoshop

Illustration 4

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 11.27.41 AM

I played with many different colors and ideas on photoshop. I printed them out and asked a few of my students and fellow teachers at work which one did they prefer. Most preferred the original, as did I. I placed it on Yellow card paper and dressed it as a card.


One of my favorite things about this greeting card is the small details around the composition. I also like all the items in my bag, although there should be much more! I have my passport in my hand, my sketchbook, my bag that holds my pens, pencil and erasers. I wanted it to still feel like a greeting card with emphasis on “say hello”. I used the frizz in my hair to form letters. I love playing with typography, I think it could have been more successful in the final but its ok over all. The hair from my bun is saying “HI!”. Now its more greeting card-like.





Illustration 4



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