Exercise: Turning words into pictures

The word I chose to turn into pictures was Kitchen

Illustration project (2) 4 Illustration project (2) 5


I started with using materials I am comfortable with. I used pencil, watercolour and pen. Eventually I used inktense watersoluble coloured pencils when experimenting with different medias. I started by thinking of tools in the kitchen instead of an actual room. I also added food and drinks. The first page was really just a bunch a little drawings of kitchen items and my experimentation of materials. It all started developing  when I added the wooden table. On the second page I started by drawing a table with a tea set. This time I wanted it to be a small scene even though it didn’t turn out that way.  I thought about if this was a children’s book about the kitchen, what characters could i include. I started drawing this really cute mouse eating a cookie. I think this character could be included with all these kitchen items even though we don’t necessarily want a mouse in our kitchen! A story was developing here…


Illustration project (2) 6


I know we are only supposed to do one, but I started to feel blocked with kitchen so I gave fashion a shot. Here I had fun drawing figures and fashion items. I really love using this gel pen and watercolour. It takes a long time for the gel to dry so it bleeds into the colour and has this really cool effect. Sometimes its difficult to use because if you are not careful, the black will dominate the image.  I had fun playing with my ideas of fashion and although I think it could have been taken further I was ready to move onto the mood board, where I knew I could also use fashion or kitchen.  I wanted to add lots of details in all the objects for this exercise and I also wanted to experiment with colouring outside the lines for a fun, relaxed effect.   I think its successful.



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