PART 2: Ideas

EXERCISE: writing a brief



THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS – film, family, dysfunctional, rich, dynamic, extroverts, successful, bill murray, gene hackman, angelica houston, gwenneth paltrow, ben stiller, owen wilson, large home, large family, troubled, divorced, nostalgic, comedy, drama, setting- large home.

WES ANDERSON- Director, detailed, easily recognizable, characters are weird, eccentric, neurotic.


Family Portrait, Family portrait in front of house, all the children’s achievements, awards, characters, house


The visuals:The first thing you notice while watching a Wes Anderson movie is the highly stylized visuals, in today’s terms every scene in his movies looks instagrammed. He uses the same tools to create his unique textures; and though these textures wildly vary from one movie to another, they share the same spirit. He paints the scenes with the same brush strokes using different colors and materials. Every shot in a Wes Anderson movie is a work of art, so rich and full of incredible details, vibrant saturated colors and unusual costumes. The aesthetics make you want to have every shot framed and hanged on your wall. His attention to detail in never distracting, it doesn’t give you the feeling that he’s focusing on the visuals to gain more viewership. On the contrary, it heightens the experience, it gives the movie more uniqueness and it makes it more pleasurable, and his style is getting better. For example, while you may question the visual exaggeration in his previous movies, in “Moonrise Kingdom” the visuals reached a whole new level of credibility. They gave the movie a never-seen-before emotional depth, and with the all the craziness of the production design it felt real and sincere and the frames were populated by real but oddly overdressed people. The clothes used in his movies are also effective because they create a contrast between the characters and the background creating a vivacious picturesque.




Wes Anderson would like you to illustrate a poster for his film The Royal Tenenbaums. Its a story of an estranged family of former child prodigies reunites when one of their member announces he has a terminal illness. The family is dynamic, neurotic and eccentric. They live in a large home where the movie takes place. A large amount of work and detail has been put in place for each room of the large house. The extreme detail of each room and the family is what we would like you to focus on when illustrating. Wes Anderson’s style has a vintage feel to it, so the colours should be tinted or pale. This poster to catch the attention to Wes Anderson fans and film followers and hopefully attract new followers who have never seen a wes anderson film. There for we want you to make sure the film looks interested, but please make sure that it does not look like a ‘hollywood’ film poster. We want to poster look like an independent film.  I wouldn’t mind if it had some collage or childlike drawing to bring on that nostalgic look.  Please do not use real photographs of the actors. The film should not be reflected of whose in the film, but instead , what is it about. Good Luck!


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