Scan 20Exercise: Exploring Drawing and Painting

For this exercise I decided to make my exploration book inspired by monsters. Although not all the monsters are the same it shows a similar theme. I had fun with this project. All the experimentation on different paper then binding it into a book made me feel like accomplished something. I do experiments all the time but they are just scattered around my art room on bits of scrap! I wanted a few of the pages to have a story booked feel to them. I really enjoyed working on the brown envelope paper. I loved the postage stamp and tape on it.  I think if I really spent time and thought about how it could be better used, I would have illustrated a picture of traveling monsters, or postmen monsters. They could even be a monster collecting his mail from the post office. With a huge octopus-like monster sorting the mail into separate boxes!


Scan 1Scan 2



1.Monsters drawn with pen and watercolour, cut out and pasted onto tissue paper

2.Prismacolor Pencils on Coloured construction paper

Scan 3Scan 4

3. Inktense water-soluble coloured pencil on used brown paper. envelopeBlock prints designs on coloured paper.

4.Cutout into monster shapes, drawn onto with marker and collaged onto black construction paper.

Scan 6Scan 7

5.Watercolour on watercolour paper

6.Acrylic paint, acrylic paint markers and coloured pencil on drawing paper.

Scan 8Scan 9

7.Acrylic paint, watercolour paint and charcoal mixed and smudged with water on mixed media paper.

8.Acrylic paint markers and tacky glue ofr texture on construction paper.

Scan 10Scan 11

9.Vermillion red acrylic sponge rolled onto watercolour paper. Acrylic paint and stencilling. Collaged with thick hot pressed watercolour paper.

10. Bic Pen on drawing paper (cross hatching effect) on flyer for Lucha Libre event from Mexico.

Scan 12Scan 13

11. Watercolour on thick cold press watercolour paper. Details in pen and colour pencil

12. Oil pastels, blended and smudged on coloured paper.

Scan 14Scan 15

13. Charcoal on paper. Smudging with tissue.

14. Water-soulable block printing ink, rolled on foam paper with hand drawn design. Pressed onto cardboard. Gold Acrylic paint.

Scan 18


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