Scan 1

Exercise: A subjective drawing

For this exercise I decided to draw a turkish door knob that I bought at a turkish street market in Berlin. Coming up with descriptive words was not too difficult, but I had to look at it deeper than just the surface. The word I decided to use for this exercise was Bohemian.

From there I started my moodboard with the focus on that word, not the object. I collected images online of what I believed to be bohemian. Textiles mainly, but I also looked at ceramics, fashion and interiors. experimented with watercolour and pen on the next page.

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 1.36.51 PMScreen Shot 2013-10-23 at 1.45.18 PM

After photographing my door knob, I traced it on Adobe Illustrator then transferred it to photoshop where I played with layout and filling in the lines with the textiles I found online. I had to use multiple layers to achieve this effect.

doorknob This is the first layout and completed door knob. All the lines were filled in with different textiles that I found. I think it is a successful look and shows the door knob in a subjective way.


Here I added the word Bohemian

Scan 1 copy

I thought about which paper I was going to print this final on to. I printed it on regular printing paper. Since this was a laser jet printed, the subject had a glossy look. But not as much as I wanted. So I thought about photo paper. In the end, I used a transparency sheet for overhead projectors and printed with on that. This was great because it had that porcelain look. After I had done that, I took some coloured paper and placed it behind it.

multidoorknobsThese are my different scans that I put all together on one document of photoshop. I experimented with layout, colour choices and sizes. Some of my favorite are the ones where you can tell the door knob is on transparent paper and its layered over different coloured paper.


After all that, my first image from photoshop, not printed and scanned is my favorite because it shows a luminosity that I didn’t get from the transparency paper. However,  I had a lot of fun with the experimentation and I think I could continue this exercise for hours and hours and still find news ways of exploring this subject.


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