Exercise: Choosing content

Scan 1

Scan 4 Scan 6

I first started gathering images from wartime london. Buildings, windows, war, planes people.

My first impression was sean connery as the detective. I have no idea why that was my first impression, but when i started reading the content in the story, that is what came to mind. I drew a little picture of what was in my mind. I actually used gel medium to attach the photos to my sketchbook and mixed the gel medium with paints to created this vintage rusted effect for my mood board. I also used the back of my brush to create some textures. there is also some texture paste on there as an experiment to apply a smokey effect.

Scan 7

I started looking at artists during that time. I remembered an artist we looked at while studying watercolour practice; Henry Moore. He was an official war artists during wartime london. He sketched people sheltering in the tube stations during bomb attacks. He used wax resist techniques and experimented with human forms.

Scan 12

Some references of faces and men from the 1940’s

Scan 9

This is media experiments with human faces.  Here you will see drawing ink with a calligraphy pen and wooden ink pen. Colour pencils and bic pens with colour pencils. Overall the ink has a more dramatic vintage effect that I am looking for. The colour pencils are too colourful and playful for this. I am not skilled with colour pencils and will have to continue exploration of that material.

Scan 10

This is watered down ink with bleach and pen. Very fun but unpredictable materials.

Scan 13

Continued experiments here. Drawing ink, acrylic paint, pen, watercolour, texture medium.

Scan 5

My final. It is a bit underwhelming compared to how I could have teken my experiments into my final. However, I didn’t want to put too much into the final drawing, but instead, let the expression of his face and the vintage effect on the paper create an emotion for the reader. The vintage effect was done by using gel medium with acrylic paints. The man was applied with fine liner pens and i used Acrylic paint marker for the black window panes. And a light grey artist pen to make the reflections on the window.


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