Exercise: visual metaphors.

For this exercise, I collected images of different visual images used in advertising, environmental awareness and editorial illustrations.

Scan 7 Scan 8

Scan 9

Scan 11  Scan 10

I chose high achievement for my visual metaphor. I created a spider diagram to help generate some ideas. I think I could have continued to create more and even create a final illustration to show high achievement as a visual metaphor. Looking online at political illustration cartoons normally done for newspapers really show a great representation of visual metaphors. Illustrating out economy and political views with animals, objects and personifying objects.

Also watch this:


The intro to Dexter. A tv series about a serial killer who works for the Miami Police Dept as a forensic detective. This opening credits depict a regular routine day for many people yet at the same time showing off the brutal nature of it and using it to show the nature of the main character. The actions are violent and metaphorical for all the means of murder that are common place and routine for the main character.


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