Assignment 2: Point of Sale Display

Scan 1     Scan 3

Mood boards for Autumn and Summer fruits and vegetables. I collected images that mostly illustrations that had inspired me. I collected a few real photographs of fruits and vegetables but mostly drew them from observations. I also created a mood page of collected images of illustrations of fruits and vegetables used on packaging.

Scan 4   *Scan 5

I researched a little bit about Emma Dibben who was actually mentioned in our course when looking at subjective drawings. I also looked a Audrey Flack who paints photo-realistic paintings.

Scan    Scan 2

These are my paintings done from observation. The most difficult thing was trying to catch the moisture and light reflections in my illustrations. On these two pages I used watercolour to create my images. I tried to match the colours as realistic as possible. On these pages, I came back to them later and tested out some pattern ideas for my final.

*Scan 6   Scan 7

Here i experimented with materials. I used gouache, collage, acrylic and printing ink for my experiments. The collage was inspired by Eric Carle’s very recognisable style. I painted on different areas of watercolour paper with different colours. Then cut them out to make a watermelon. I tried using gold and other metallics on the pears and pomegranate. On the yellow paper I photographed some fruits that I cut up one day for observation drawing. I used the photographs to continue my work the next day. Here I was concentrating on contour lines for further exploration with printmaking.

Scan 8   Scan 9

*Scan 10       *Scan 11

*Scan 14

Here I continued my exploration of printmaking. I looked at Jennifer Judd-McGee (last name makes me giggle a bit 🙂  and her style of paper cutting, print making and collage. She also uses type in a lot of her work. I was mostly focusing on her use of pattern and her visual space and composition in her artworks. I used a pen to press into the foam board to create my prints. I cut each fruit out individually and used water-soluble block printing ink and transfered it onto coloured paper.  Through my printmaking exploration I experimented with layering prints, use of colours, changing textures in the background and composition.

Scan 13 Scan 12

Above are my final prints done on coloured tag board. I painted the background and hoped the colours represented their seasons. Warm colours for autumn and a bright fresh colour for summer.

My final pieces.

autumn summer1

I scanned the paintings and prints and put them on photoshop. I used a simple san-serif font ( Century Gothic) one of my favorite fonts. Then I overlaid them onto the images so you can still see behind them. I didnt want the text to be as important as the image.

I personally really love my images. I think they are fun, fresh and mature. You can tell its food. (good thing right?) and yeah, I would glance more than once at this if I was at the store. Even though I like them, I hope that I fulfilled the brief. I have to say it was not clear to me whether or not the final images had to be objective illustrations. I started with objective paintings and my final images are based from that.  I am not sure if I created a visual distance between me and the food. I dont think it looked mouldy battered or unappetising. But I dont think I could have anyway since i decided to make block prints in black. Overall, I think these two images could work together for the changing seasons.


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