Exercise: Illustrating a visual space.

A tree. A child running or walking. A building.

Instead of photocopying and printing the images at different scales and sizes, I used photoshop to manipulate the images in front of me. It gives me a bit more freedom and wastes less paper.

visual spacevisual space 1

When I was finished with photoshop I printed them and pasted in to my sketchbook. If you click on the images and can see my notes and reflections on the square format compositions I created.

I could have played around with the building  a little bit more. it was always flat and I was almost using it as a horizon point. I added some lines in the composition to show different horizons and how they could effect the visual space.

My favorite one is the boy jumping from the tree onto the roof. I think it shows something funny and adventurous and give the image a story.

visualspace1 visualspace3 visualspace4 visualspace5 visualspace6 visualspace7 visualspace8


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