image developmentimage development 1image development 2image development 3


The image I chose to edit was a photograph of some friends and I in Los Angeles last summer hanging out at a park. This image was a good choice for me because not everyone was paying attention to the photographer. Which shows people acting naturally and not posing for the photograph. Therefor the focus could really change once cropped. Using the L shape papers I cropped 10 different images. In my sketchbook you can see my quotes and focus word chosen for each image.

At first I was looking at drawing the shoes. I thought it could be nice as a shoe advert. I wanted to use line to show texture of grass and I practiced that a bit. It was ok, but I wanted an image with more action to create an interesting composition.

The edited section I chose for my final artwork would be “summer”. It shows legs and feet on grass and red cups (normally a sign for an alcoholic beverage outdoors or at a party).  Which made me think of a music festival or some sort of outdoor festival.

image development 4

I looked at an artist named Betsy Walton for inspiration. I found this illustrator on Illustrationmundo.com. I really like the layering of transparent hues and fine delicate lines.

image development 5

I used gouache and attempted an A4 painting of my cropped image. It turned out terribly.image development 6

So I made another attempt on thicker paper with a smaller format. This was much more successful. The word I chose was summer festival. I incorporated the text into the image by putting it on the girl’s handbag. I tried to use some of Betsy Walton’s styling on my final. I layered the colours and added very thin lines for details. I also wanted some colours to stay semi-transparent and used outlining on the figures. I do believe that this is a good representation of summer festival. I could see this image used in an editorial piece on a magazine about someone’s experience at a music festival.


image development 8

I scanned the image on put it on Photoshop and played with the hues and saturation. I printed them out and got some feedback from a colleague of my images. She said the original was her favorite and so was mine. But it still works with colours inverted or saturated.


There are a lot of improvement I would make for this image. The legs are not in proportion and if I could use a white fine point marker I would try to put in some highlights.

1048750_10152982489485226_1276721829_o 1048750_10152982489485226_1276721829_oHere the original and the cropped image.Scan 3


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