What do I see? 

Dragon, gold, coins, treasure, sleeping dragon, swords, cave, two young explorers, fire, adventure. 

What is the image about? What is it saying?

A boy and girl on an adventure, looking for treasure or something precious. They find a sleeping dragon in the cave, guarding the treasure. Once of the explorers is wanting to leave, suggesting they both get out before the dragon awakes. This might be too dangerous and not worth the risks. `the girl is looking at the treasure and is suggesting that if they are quiet, then they can take what they wants and make it out safely. 

Work out the narrative and identify the story.

Boy:” Lets go before he wakes up! He might be Hungry!”

Girl:” No! We have come all this way, we are so close. Lets go quietly, he’s sleeping!”

Describe the pallette and tonal range. 

The cave looks cold because of the blue hues. Its lit from the fire. The dragon must be dangerous because he is red. Symbolising that he can break fire most likely. The ground texture and colour describes a organic surface that you might find in caves and that the temperature is very cold. Not an inviting place to be. The ceiling is smooth stalactites, so you know its a cave. 


visual space 2



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