Exercise: Abstract Illustration



For this exercise I was excited to listen to music and attempt to represent it with lines, shapes and colour. But I soon realized its more difficult than I thought it would be.


I listened to all the artists. I closed my eyes, i pictured the music in my mind and then chose a song that I related to that day. Miles Davis – autumn leaves. And what a lovely piece of music. Click on the link to listen to it if you like.


The symbols from the percussion was a large inspiration.

So I started on a few abstract drawings. I used mostly markers because I wanted my hand to continuously move. The colours needed to be warm, like autumn and also because of the tone of the music, the colours had to represent the jumpy excite-fullness of the music.



abstract 1abstract illustration abstract illustration 1


THe last image abovemis the final image i was going to reproduce. I took a small section and reproduced that area with watercolour. I then scanned that image and opened it on photoshop. from there I continued to crop, choose sections and play with colour and layout options in a square format.


abstract illustration 2




miles6miles1miles3 miles5miles2miles4



Here is where I used another drawing. I changed sections of it using filters and changing the colours. davisdavis1davis2davis4

I particularily like the black and white ones that really show the expressive lines. The white one almost looks as if there was water on a symbol and with every tap of the symbol the water would vibrate. When listening to the piece that image jumped out at me.

I am sure all of these could work as a CD cover. But to the music that I listened to? Maybe not. The last ones are too contemporary and could be used for some sort of rock band possibly. And the first one are almost too “light and fluffy” for the song. Sorry I cant think of any other way to describe them. Overall I think this is a useful exercise, but I was hoping to be over with it quickly.


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