Exercise: view point.

The Morning After.

For this exercise I chose to create a visual for the morning after. This phrase has a lot of meaning for me. I could be the morning after:

-a great party!

-camp site

-a great date

-a one night stand

-a binge drinking session alone

and the list goes on. So instead collecting objects after a one night stand..(because who wants to put the evidence of that together?!) I chose after a party.

This was easy as I collect old wine bottles and corks. I have an ashtray with cigarette butts and I actually had a baby shower a few days before so I even had a sad balloon lying around. And my wine glass with the stain from the night previous was sitting by the sink. All the elements were there. So I just had to put them together.

I took several photographs of my arranged objects and with different formats.Viewpoi t

The viewpoint of being very close to the object best fitted the word my objects illustrated. It is because you can see all the details and elements of the object. the balloon end all tied up and the almost empty glass of wine. The cigarettes in the ashtray. I think the square format might not be the best format for the subject. I think a wide landscape would have been a better fit because its sort like you are lying down looking at the objects the morning after. Changing the viewpoint did not make me think differently of my choice of objects however the arrangement of them changed quite often to fit into the format.


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