Assignment 3: a poster

The Brief – Design aposter for a musical event. Jazz, pop or early music. My choice. Reproduced A3 in size. 

Before creating this poster I was looking back at part three to see how I was gathering information and constructing my images to create a final artwork. Before I started this course, it was simple. I simply just started my artwork without really developing my ideas further. Feedback from my tutor and looking at other students’ process helped me to push myself further when creating. About 5 years ago I was a graphic design student in the US. When learning about design I had to always create several thumbnails with ideas and layout so I am used to that. However, its also easier to do those that on photoshop and by moving images and text around I could choose a layout. I know for illustration its important to make these sketches and for university, its important to show your process. This is challenging for me to make sure that I am showing my process but I think I have made a vast improvement over the past few months.

The first thing I did to begin making this music poster is to write a few things about each genre so that I can make a decision of what I wanted to produce. There was Jazz, Pop Group and Early Music Concert. I also added a few sketches of what was on my mind while brainstorming each genre.

music poster

I had fun drawing the instruments so I decided to make a Jazz poster. I collected images and began my mood board. Which is more like mood pages and a lot of the collected imagery is posters created by different artists. What I noticed first was the use of musical instruments, people playing the instruments and variations of font faces and sizes used in all the posters. Artists were using type to show movement and rhythm in the posters.

music poster 1 music poster 2

music poster 3

My first thumbnail that I added to my mood board was taking motifs from one of the 50’s collage looking book cover that reminded me of piano keys or the “sound” of a bass. I repeated this motif to try to reproduce that look. When starting my thumbnails I tried to think outside of the box and instead of people playing the instruments, I wanted animals. I thought it could be fun. I was ok, but mostly it looked less sophisticated and more childish.  I also tried using just font and exaggerated lines. I used some collage techniques as well. I have this beautiful Japanese died paper and cut out the letters and an instrument. I thought this could be successful if put on Photoshop and I added more information on the poster then. Then I started feeling stuck  and uninspired.music poster 4

It was then I decided to give pop group a try. I made a couple of thumbnails then started on my mood board. After making a few thumbnails and a mood board, I was really having fun. I was a lot freer with this genre and a lot more comfortable with it. Instead of a pop group I decided to make a pop star. Just one person like lady gaga or Madonna but my own made up pop singer. I could even turn myself into a pop singer and make a poster! This is when I started looking for images to work off of. 

music poster 5

William Galindo. He is an old friend of mine who somehow makes a living off of photographing cool hip chicks in Los Angeles. He’s a photographer but I don’t know too much about any commercial work that he does. Instead I see photos posted on Facebook or instagram. I asked his permission to use his photos for my assignment and got the OK’.  You can see some of his photos that I took of the internet. I thought these girls would make a nice pop star.



music poster 6

I created more thumbnails, played with colour and layout. I also experimented with different media, but mostly stuck to pen and watercolor. I enjoy drawing faces so this was a fun project for me now. When starting on my final piece I couldn’t make a decision for which girl or layout. Here is probably where I should have continued to develop my image and layout. I think I had a strong idea of what I wanted and felt ready to make some larger attempts.

music poster 9music poster 8 music poster 7

I used A3 watercolor paper and started by drawing in pencil. The girl with her head down is the first one that I attempted. I drew each girl on different papers before adding colour. After completing the line drawings I began to add colour. I used prisma color ink pens, which I thought was a really fun media to use. The colours are bright, modern and fun. After I completed that I used Gouache paints to make some areas bold.  I think they all have successful qualities. y favorite one is the blue and orange. The contrasting colours are eye-catching and it has more design elements in it. The font type is hand drawn to match the design and I like her starry eye. This one has the most eye movement throughout the composition and also looks a bit more professional. I think I definitely could have improved by drawing with pencil the orange rays before painting them. They are little bit sloppy and could be neater. It could have also been done on Photoshop or illustrator for a more professional quality.

The image below is my final poster. I got to this point by brainstorming, making mood boards, researching other illustrators and artists, collaborating with a photographer (kind of) and producing a range of thumbnails where `i considered view points, various arrangements and fonts. I also experimented with materials and outcomes. This is what part three was all about and I don’t think that I would have come up with this final poster without learning these important strategies, seeking feedback and responding to them and evaluating my own work critically. I know that there is always room for improvement and I am considering constantly if I have done enough, how much further I could take it and how my audience feels about my process.  Hopefully with more practice I will establish a methodology.

music poster 8


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