Classic-Children-Book-Ill-003 -helen


For this exercise I took work from different illustrators.

“Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”

For this image I looked at  the 1999-edition of Alice in wonderland, illustrated with watercolors by Helen Oxenbury, and it’s the integral text by Lewis Carroll, written in 1865.client visualsIMG_1519


I tried to edit down but I might have got a head of myself. But I did remove quite a bit of content and the image did make sense.  I used the scaling technique that we were taught before starting this exercise.

I think if a client saw this visual they would get a sense of what is going on in the story. I used line to darker areas os significance like the foot stuck in the fire place and the turned over furniture. It looks like Alice is stuck and grew quickly so all objects had been knocked over quickly.  I felt it was important to leave a few details in the visual, such as the clock and the rabbit head statue to show that the theme is continuing throughout the pages.



Here are two other pen drawings from the same scene using only line. You can see the similarities in the first one above with the watercolour painting. Although these are finished illustrations, they could also be used as a client visual for the watercolour illustration from Alice’s Adventures. There are obvious highlights and shadows creating an emphasis on the focal point.





06 07 mole and rabbit small

Little Children’s Christmas Music Book

Illustrator Details: Elisa Squillace




For this drawing, I thought it was important to show where the text will be placed. I also used bold lines to show the most important part of the illustration. Also darkening the lines to put emphasis on the underground aspect. I had to add some details to make it clear that its a home underground and its christmas time with lots of fun and festivities. I believe its clear and easy for a client to read.


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