Project Audiences EXERCISE: Museum posters. I have been asked to produce three illustrations to be used as a part of a series of A3 posters to publicise the museum to the following audiences: Child, Teen, Adult. As you can see in my first page of brainstorming.. I was trying to figure out which museum I could visit in Luanda, Angola. There are two museums here. The slave museum and the national artefacts museum. This was funny trying to contact them. Angola is not set up for tourism so there is little information online and you must be able to speak portuguese. You can not just show up and hope they are open when they say they are because i have heard from several expats that they have been and its closed. Even when they have called and set an appointment! The joys of living in Angola! So I decided that I wanted to make posters for a Natural History Museum as those are one of my favorites. This time last year, I was in Berlin and I went to the Museum Für Naturkunde! I actually took lots of photographs and spend several hours wondering through the museum. It was fantastic! I went to their website and looked at the exhibitions they have at the moment for inspiration. I also started asking the faculty and students at my work place to see what their favorite exhibition at a natural history museum is.  Well, I work at an international school and I was expecting very knowledgable responses. This was not the case! See the page were I have written down responses. museumss copy     After a little bit of brainstorming I started to collect references and resources. 06-Guy-C-Natural-History-Museum-London-2010LOW OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ilford-mammoth_36445_1 Dino-Bone-Dating-1 con1_400x283 clownfish with a parasit in the mouth Diversas_lampreas.1_-_Aquarium_Finisterrae world_200-million-dinosaur-hoax wolly treasures2_0 treasures1_0 tasmanian-tiger-2 Stygimoloch Smilodon-Saber-toothed-tiger-saber-toothed-cat platybelodon animales prehistoricos paul-thompson naturalhistory museum-of-natural-history-stuttgart-malayan-tapir-small-66920 museum-of-natural-history-stuttgart-duckbill-small-61625 images (24) http-inlinethumb64.webshots.com-43647-2476428740105101600S600x600Q85 cute-smiling-animals-1 chalicothere-tm 117808-004-BE1D7BE5 38329f7e2d8c2fe02300287e5c482706 11374-911 Then I began my thumbnails started sketching ideas. museumss At this point I was focusing too much on content and not about the design on the posters. I was trying to figure out a way that all three posters could be a family and when you see a second one, you know that its done by the same artists yet appeals to a specific audience. I made a mistake by trying to make sure that they are all related by content and style. I also wanted to stay true to my style of drawings.   museumss 1   This was where tings started to get lost. Why is a mammoth more appealing to children and sabor tooth is for teens? For somereason I must have tried to make this all make sense in my head. In the first few boxes above, all I did was draw a child, teen and adult? does that mean they its specifically targeted to them? I was starting to feel very stuck and upset that I cant find a way to relate them all and yet they are all targeted for difference audiences! museumss 2

museumss 5museumss 4

I even watched documentaries on neanderthals to get some inspiration. I really had  a lot of ideas but none of them where hitting the mark.

museumss 3

Ok so, above in this image.. this time I was going to draw the same object, but in three different style. I was thinking vintage movie poster, or carnival attraction. Maybe a travel poster to exploration!     minisketch

Children _ they like outer space right?

Teens- Obviously the deep see is the coolest?

Adults – We like to know about history, exploration, discoveries and theories?

I know I dont sound convincing, but I was trying to sell it to myself. I thought this could be fun, lets try it out and see how it goes. I scanned the image just to put in some colour on photoshop. Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 9.41.10 AM Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 9.37.31 AM

After this I  started on my frist drawing. I decided to just draw all the content separately then put them together on photoshop.


seasea colour   With colour deepsea   Here is the poster for the teen deep sea exhibit. THE CHILD museum 2 space1


  iceagesketch museum



When looking back on my work. I think they all appeal to children and I didn’t follow the brief correctly. They could also appeal to all the age groups. Not just children. As an adult, i enjoy all the images and would look at these posters and be interested. I think if I added the phrase “be an explorer” then the posters would be better. However, exploring type and placement could take me another day. I went onto photoshop to see if I can try to change colours or add filters to make them each more appealing to their target audience. Below is my contact sheet of different options. I tried to think about colour and how the posters are seen from a distance and they need to be bold.



photoshopmuseum 3

For the Ice age poster. When added a posterised filter. It made it a little bit more sophisticated.

photoshopmuseum 2 photoshopmuseum 1

With the deep sea poster for teens. I think the black one with the glowing neon blue line work works really well. It looks illuminated like the animals in the deep sea. The only problem is would those colours translate well on an A3 poster? If all the posters were set in light boxes then I think it would work great.




With this illustration (which was my least favorite of the three) I found it hard to add a filter with out the whole image and line work getting lost. Maybe the one on the bottom left with the blue. Originally I thought with the green glow was very cool and space like, but the more I look at it, the more it looks over worked. Like someone just discovered photohop and its filters, then went crazy! I think I know how to hold back so I might just keep the original image because it has really playful and appealing qualities for children.


Now just because I drew a child, teen and adult on each poster doesn’t necessarily mean that I followed the brief. I think I could continue to work this, or even change it completely. I am not completely happy with my results.


Now I just read that I need to prepare a finished artwork for at least one! This is new information! I have prepared three. But this mean I can choose the one most successful to this assignment.

Final Museum Poster


I chose this one to be my final piece because its of the colours, they are eye catching and high contrast. I also think that they are trendy at the moment. Its a fun poster with a sense of adventure. I might of added a little flag that states “BE AN EXPLORER!”  I like the line work, it shows clearly what you can see and it relates as a family with the other posters. I think another important thing to consider is that its obvious that its hand drawn and not all graphic. I had fun doing it.





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