For this exercise, I found an image of a cat online through google images.

I started with a pencil drawing. Since it needed to be realistic, i wanted to be able to add a range of values.




For my line drawing, im not sure if its any good. and im not actually happy with it because it looks like i used too many lines. But getting the overall idea of the shape of the cat, i moved on to the collage work. DSC_0015



I didnt actually have alot of magazines to work with. Since I just moved, I donated all my old magazines to the art department at my old school. But luckily, in while in hong kong, I collected a few different art magazines. Putting together the collage, I didnt want to use eyes for eyes or anything that would look like regular features. That way when it was time to draw I could be more open to other possibilities.



Below is my first attempt of my drawing from the collage. Half way through, i stopped working on it because I didnt like the colors or the feel of it.



This is my final image. The beach balls from the collage and the drawing above helped me to decide that this naughty cat has eaten all the ping pong balls or toys. The ears are similar to the collage pattern, but I made the eyes actual eyes, but like the collage, one is much larger.  Through the collage I was able to create a funny little story about this cat. I originally only had a line drawing with pen but then decided to use color pencil to add some more dimensions and character to the cat.  I can see how this technique can keep you  openminded and work your imagination.



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