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Scan 10 Scan 6 Scan 7 Scan 2 minisketch 6 minisketch 3 miniskoetch miniskoetch 6cropped-whiteflower-girl.jpgminiskoetch 2



Above is the work I chose to look at when creating commercially viable pieces. I spent a great deal of time looking at different options. It started with tote bags. I own many tote bags from different illustrators. The second one below is from a friend emily eldridge who is an artist in residence in Hong Kong. This is her signature style and it was offered as a gift for attending her exhibition.

DSC_0051 IMG_2028 IMG_2029


I found many companies willing to print your design on a tote canvas bag. Most of which are based out of the UK or USA. Unfortunately the shipping is only offered in those two countries or other Euro countries even thought they are printed out of south east asia. As I live in thailand, I thought the shipping cost would be too high, also ridiculous for the environment to have something produced in Asia, then shipped to London to get packaged there from the company, then shipped back to Asia for distribution. This I could not stomach. I also looked at Badges and buttons, different companies. To find something in English was to say the least, difficult. It seems the printing here for english speakers are offered as wedding invitations, calendars and photos. Oh, and also Tshirt printing, but on awful Tees that are poor quality. This would prove to be more challenging then I expected.

Shopping around bangkoks little vendors, its obvious that these companies are out there. With my limited thai I tried to get the information but it was too hard. I bought these little coasters made froma local thai llustrator and thought how cute are these? I can probably find someone to do this?



MBK MALL:1212-shop-3671 2455-shop-7713 634-shop-2451

I went to a large mall called MBK that I know has many printing shops. My thai is not strong, over the phone would be worse, so I will give it a go in person. When I got there they offered to print greeting cards, stickers, stationary, calendars and so on. I was hoping to find someone to print on silk so that I could take my designs and make silk scarves.  I show you all the things I made before showing up at the mall with my flashdrive.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 12.41.15 PMScreen Shot 2014-07-31 at 12.43.52 PM

There were the first tote designs from looking at a website based out of the UK.




This was a silk scarf idea, I created the print from manipulating my sketch on photoshop then putting it on the website. http://www.spoonflower.com/welcome

This could be made into wrapping paper, fabric from silk, cotton, canvas , and even wall paper.. etc. If I get it printing on fabric, I could sew it into something, or send it to a company that will sew it into bags or pillows.



Here is a coaster design using my sketches. Found a company who would print in BKK but in the end I wasn’t loving the idea.


In the end, I went with this company to print a greeting card for christmas.

bearxmasmock     xmascard xmasmockup



This is my final design, I will get them printed soon and hopefully have them ready by christmas!






  • Price:  Basic charge 100 Baht + Printing charge.  When you create cards using Tanabutr Creative Printmaker, and you order more than 100 cards, basic charge is free.
  • Double sided full color flat cards printing price:
    • A6 size: 148 x 105 mm
      • 1-24 cards 15Baht/card
      • 25-49 cards 13.5 Baht/card
      • 50-99 cards 11 Baht/card
      • 100-249 cards 9.5 Baht/card
      • 250-399 cards 7.1 Baht/card
    • 7×5 inch: 177.8 x 127 mm
      • 1-24 cards 24Baht/card
      • 25-49 cards 22 Baht/card
      • 50-99 cards 17.5 Baht/card
      • 100-199 cards 16 Baht/card
      • 200-399 cards 14 Baht/card

      If you have another size in mind, we can help you with information about printing cost, mailing considerations and so on.

    • Paper:     300 mg/m2 and matte coat paper stock.
    • Regarding A6 Postcard, you can select one side cast coated 210gsm paper (front side:cast coated, back side (address side):plain paper ) with additional fee (+1Baht/card).
      Cast coated paper is knowen as a coated paper with a high-gloss finish and you can see almost mirror-like reflections in the paper.
    • Color:     Full Color Front / Full Color or B&W Back
    • Design fee: Minimum 150Baht



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