exercise: editorial illustration.


Started by collecting som eimages of editorial illsutrations.


article 2


investorsguide_2 gazete5,illustration,newspaper,obama-38343092411be68f5307d578f4b8ffd8_h 1655331273657401




For my brainstorming, I just took a topic and started drawing. The first topic I looked at was how green is your food.






I was trying to think of all the things this could mean as well as what is currently trending right now in the green food topic. We have all heard of organic lifestyles and the different grades of organic and using pesticides. But what has really been on my mind when thinking about this topic is eating locally for sustainability. Keeping your carbon footprint down and stop eating imported foods that cost money and precious resources to get to your grocery store. I thought about transport; boats, roads, trucks etc. Thats when I came up with highways mades of asparagus with trucks on them.

greenfood 1 greenfood 5


Then I was brainstorming throwing your money away. i thought of rubbish bins, toilets and burning your money. When I type in the phrase into goode, that is exactly what you would see. So how could I interest a reader into reading the article when they have seen this imagery a million times before?



 greenfood 2 greenfood 4 greenfood 3greenfood 6


When I moved onto “loves me loves me not” I thought it was a cute topic and reminded me immediately  of being a child and plucking the petals off a flower. I thought of a woman so obsessive of finding out if this man loves her that she plucks multiple flowers. I think this article would have been of desperation, not puppy love. I used a few different materials, such as paint markers and even using different papers to draw on top of. I did like this images, but then I went back to the green food drawing and experimented with more materials.


greenfood 7

Here I used watercolor, markers and even paper cut outs.

greenfood 8

The final image is above. I used watercolor on watercolour paper, gel pen and also acrylic for the background.




This is a mock up of what it could look like in a magazine. The layout is terrible. Luckily that isn’t my job!

I thinkt hat this is a strong image. When I asked my husband what he though when he looked at it, he said, ” eating locally” and that was without the title. When i showed him with the title he said it made lots of sense and would draw him into the article. I think its possible that it might be too literal and doesn’t leave enough mystery to draw in an audience. I am also unhappy with the black truck in the background. I think it would have been nicer left white. Maybe if I had the asparagus turning brownish behind the trucks, it could have more impact.



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