Exercise: travel guides


my brief was to produce three illustrations for a series of book jackets, at the size of an existing travel guide. For the locations Istanbul, Helsinki and Milan.

First I looked on my shelves and pulled out a few different travel guides I have of different sizes.

IMG_2018 IMG_2019

These Luxe city guides are really awesome. They are so small and compact and they hold so much information. No photos  but they tell you a few hotspots for hotels, food, activities, shopping etc and all in separate categories of cheap, budget, medium and expensive


IMG_2023 This mandarine phrasebook is the only one I found in my home with an illustration. Its not a guide book but its similar.

IMG_2021 IMG_2027


And im sorry about my cat, I couldn’t take one photo if these books without my cat jumping all over them to get in the shot! At least he’s cute!

The other guide books have photography on the cover. When looking online, I found many more books with illustrated jackets. Below are some collected images for reference. All found through google images.

images marimekko-map-of-helsinki city-poster-series-helsinki preview2_o 67e15a8e6e0c9f2d47cb9b48d8a41ffb dunyayigormek_132939609314 tumblr_lmez9o66vR1qzi8ze 3_905 living_in_milan inside-the-galleria-vittorio navigli-milano1 ciudad-helsinki IST1_2_Blue_mosqueIstanbul images Istanbul Cover copy 6e4e8df7fc260b64d62b72983491e2d6 Istanbul-icons3 Istanbul guide 1 69447687a59f2b2b853b3f8b2efa4a16 stock-vector-istanbul-ferry-illustration-116925157 20istanbul600.1 My secret Milan illustration1 Global Blue Milan illustrations 24-hours-in-Milan 123565_7_0_MjEzNDk1OTQ5MS0xNDI3ODY3MTgz hib lottanieminen_unitedairlines-01

I started my usual doodling brainstorming. First was instanbul since that was the only city I have been to from the lis of choices. I have very clear memories of the lamps. I used gel pen and watercolor,.






Then Helsinki. I initially thought of food and design when I first started thinking about Helsinki. tourguides 1


Then Milan. I thought of fashion, churches and cathedrals.

tourguides 2tourguides 3tourguides 5


When I went back to istanbul, I started drawing up more concrete ideas as well as writing down to spark up more inspiration. The most important thing was to make sure that each book look like it belong to the same publisher. I wanted it to be recognizable through content and style. I know that this was an open brief through the OCA so I decided to work towards making it about food. This came about when I started sketching the tea cup. tourguides 6tourguides 4


Once I had an idea for the tea cup I started brainstorming the ideas for the other cities. Helsinki was originally going to be a city illustration in a piece of salmon, but then i thought it would be good to continue the drinks themes.

tourguides 7tourguides 8


Then I used watercolor on watercolour paper to start my final illustrations for the jacket.


tourguides 12 tourguides 11 tourguides 9


Then I made a mock up for the Istanbul painting since that one stood out to me the most.

milanmockup istanbulmock


I messed up the spine of the book. It should be facing the other way. Over all I think this is a fun design based on eating and drinking in the cities. It shows food, culture as well as some sites that you can see in the city.

I used a website called PSDcover.com to create these mockups. Honestly, that is an amazing website that allows you to put your designs easily on objects of a range of sizes and shapes. This book is based off a regular novel with 300 pages. I was originally thinking that it would be thinner and narrower but  you still get the idea. In fact, the spaces with florescent  colours make it feel more modern and exciting so it worked out. The website allows you to download actions in which you load onto photoshop and use their template. Press play on the action and it turns it into a mock up.








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