Exercise: Packaging



I started this exercise by looking up different style of packaging for children’s snacks and biscuits and also looking up different types of extinct animals.

current-childrens-food-packaging cookies_packaging_4 Sm_Kids 96b6b8624e9210ec92ca3de612783c1c 5072e767bb2ddca0c6d4cf57f31df8b71 goldfish



I began with brainstorming packaging ideas and animals to draw.

buscuits 1

buscuits 2buscuits 6buscuits 3buscuits 4buscuits 5

The extinct animal i decided to use was dinosaurs. I myself am a lover of dinosaurs. I looked online at different dinosaurs to get some inspiration for my I gave the dinosaurs human eyes so that they were easy to relate to. I also wanted them to be a little cheeky like they almost stole the cookie and its so desirable.  When it came time to put it together and make it mock up, I tried to think of a way to put the drawn elements together to make packaging that was appealing for children and their parents. This is what I came up with.

IMG_2012 IMG_2010 IMG_2009

dinochocmock dinogingermock dinoraisinmock

The way that I work is more digital than sketching thumbnails of the box for layout. Instead I move things around on the computer. Maybe this is something that I should stop and I could explore other ways to visually test out ideas. I used images online for the cookies and added a plastic filter to make it look like it was sitting inside the box. The final mock up was created using PSDcovers.com.  At first, I was really proud of these boxes, but I left the country for 2 weeks and when I came back, I found that I dont really like it as much anymore. So I wanted to redo one box completely, but thought about time. So I only really changed a few things.




I think this one is easier to read and i changed the name to something a little bit more playful. The font is called ‘dinosaur’ and I found it on Dafont.com. I thinkt he first three with the style of organic paper as a background made it feel a bit too old. I think this one is more successful with the black and confetti background.

I like the dinosaurs, but if I had more time I would change the entire layout and design of the box. I think it could be improved.



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