Exercise: Text and image


First thing I did for this exercise is look up the illuminated manuscript. I found these images.

illuminated-manuscript-1 chemise




I thought about how there is a obvious relationship with text and image, and where infact, the text decorative. I went to a university a few years ago and took a typography class. I dug this out of my old work and thought I could show it. The quote comes from a book called “The Medium is the Massage” by Marshall McLuhan and Quinten Flore. I was supposed to read the book and take out a quote and illustrate it using a font that is married to the decorative aspects of my illustration. It should also relate to the quote itself. resample(lanczos)



In the image above, I created my own type face and put it into a music poster for a gig.


So on with the exercise provided by OCA.  I really enjoy working with type and I have also spend some time studying it with graphic design. I use a website called Dafont.com to download free fonts onto my computer. Its free and easy and the options are endless. You can upload your own font too and either charge or put it out there for free for other people to download. One of my favorite artist and designer is Stefan Sagmeister. I once got the chance to see him talk at the SEMI-PERMINANT design conference in Hong Kong. One of the best talks of he conference. I really appreciate his style of design and how he uses type.. He finds a relationship with human emotions and memories to design.

Trying To Look Good images-2 sagmeister_02


To begin my exercise i started by writing the words provided into my sketch book.



When I went to dafont.com to look at font choices, I found so many that I would be able to use. I downloaded my favorite and added them onto Word and photoshop. Then printed out a pair of oppisite words using different typefaces.


Then I traced them onto tracing paper using different materials.

type 2 type 1 type 3 type 4


I have to say I was unusually bored with this exercise. I think it could have been taken further and more exploratory. But it was good exercise to trace the words and get the feeling of drawing the type free hand.


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