Exercise: Educational strip


To begin this exercise I first wanted to research different ways of presenting the strip. In the brief it was said to make it a leaflet. So i researched  different formats.


9a-exhibition-museum-brochure-design 5-San-Francisco-Ballets-Nutcracker

This one with the pop out is very cool. However, I am certain that the amount of work to design would be costly to the school. As well as the printing, the paper quality and the die cuts.  This is not a good option for a school.



I tried this square format. Its pocket sized and i think has a ‘cute’ appeal for young students. But once again, it would be costly for the cut and also isnt easy for a school to be able to print on their own. So I am looking for something that would fit onto a A4 paper, or even A3 so that its easily printable outside of a professional printer company.


This is more of what I am looking for. Its easy to print, paper quality doesn’t have to be too high and can be printed directly within the campus walls.


Above is the layout brainstorming in my sketchbook. I actually made small layout mockups to help me visualise the leaflet.


Broadside Folds

A Broadside fold is a variation on the 4 Page Standard fold in that it is folded in half again at a 90 degree angle to the original fold.

The Broadside is especially useful for any piece that would benefit from a large image or possible an area map which can occupy as many of the four panels as the designer and client wish.

 Brainstorming ideas for the illustrations


educat 8


Originally I wanted to do a leaflet that could apply to both sexes. That is why I chose these specific topics highlighted in my sketchbook. I started first by coming up with a character. I needed to draw someone that could be redrawn multiple times doing different movements.


educat 9


educat 12

Above is my experimentation with materials and characters. I decided quickly to only work for girls. This way I only have to draw up one character.

educat 14

Some ideas for layout and how the character will in interacting with the topic.

educat 10

educat 11


I started to draw up this girl. I used mainly thick paint markers plus other ink tools to create her. She works well as she has some distinguished features and details,  therefor recognizable as the same person in each illustration.

educat 13

Here are some layout options for the cover page.  I was trying to decide how to use the text. Did I want to type it or use hand rendered type. I was trying to think about what could relate to young teens and went with the hand drawn type.


PSKETCH3- educat 7 educat 3 educat 4educat 5educat 1




Above are the final illustrations. Its a little bit PG instead of highly informative. But with only a leaflet to provide the information I wanted to keep it light.

1. Starting with the cover illustration with the title. I thought she was looking confused and worried about whats happening.

2.The “Change is Strange!” I thought could add a little bit of humor into the illustration and when I write in the text, it should talk about having very erratic emotions. Thinking about sex and feeling insecure.

3. “Acne” something that many teens go through when approaching and going through puberty.

4. “The P.U. in Puberty!” I saw this statement online and I thought it was funny. A nice way to play with words and get the kids laughing about this unfortunate stank we develop!

5. “Taking Shape” Body shape is one of the most noticeable changes we go through! It will be further discussed in the text.

6. “Developing Differently” This seems like one of the most important. We all develop differently! Young teens should realize this and not feel left out or insecure about the changes.


educat 16 educat 17educat 15


I wanted to add an extra area for the kids to be able to look up more information. So here i sketch up another section of the leaflet that will provide students with website addresses for them to visit and learn more about their changing bodies.

Here are the visuals for the client.



And a final mock up of what the inside of the leaflet will look like. In the end I chose a simple tri fold leaflet because it was easy to find a template for a mock up online free. Also the information seems to work well in this layout. I got all the written information from the website kidshealth.org and pretty much copied and pasted it from the website onto the leaflet.



After taking a break and looking back at my leaflet, I see that it could be improved. So I play around on photoshop and come up with this:



I added some drop shadows to make the character more lively and jumo off the page a bit. I also added the red arrow for a little bit more color. It also happens to be the symbol for female which works perfectly with this leaflet as we are talking about women’s health. I think the copy could be tighter or worked differently. But overall it seems ok.


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