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HI!!! I just got back to work after a 2 month long break while waiting for my formal assessment results to come in. I must say that I am pleased with my results and that my marks were the highest of all the illustration students who submitted for the event. (not that it is a competition, it just feels really good!). I worked really hard but always knew I could do better, I hope that now, after a year and a bit of studying illustration, I will be able to use my good research skills and time management to be able to achieve even higher marks. Goals while taking this new course: 1. really define my personal voice as an illustrator. I want future clients to know what to expect when they hire me. 2. More research! I want to know more illustrators, I want to know their techniques and how they solve problems. I believe I will learn something from them. 3. Attend workshops – expand my skill set. I have already signed up for a screen printing workshop in april. I would like to expand my skill set and this will also help me with goal number 4. Network, meet other artists, participate in exhibitions. I am planning on putting together a small joint exhibition for me and some other friends who are illustrators. Hopefully this will give me more confidence in my work, maybe make some money out of it too. Goal 5. Interdisciplinary goals! These goals also apply to  the graphic design course I will be taking too!  I am so happy to be continuing as a visual communications degree student and have found something I think I am good at.


I look forward to learn, create, communicate, push myself, get out of my comfort zone and grow.


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