A lot of my exploratory work happens in my sketchbooks that I carry with me.  I feel like I am starting to define my personal voice through those sketchbooks by drawing things that I like instead of what I think other would enjoy. However while saying that, I also take it into consideration what other artists are doing and what is being published. Great thing about my sketchbook is the mistakes I can make and how I learn from them, or improve my work from experimenting. I could work on reflecting during and after the process of experimenting through my personal sketchbook but I normally don’t want to write into it. I hope that I could use the blog to do that. I also mainly reflect only in my learning log sketchbook and on the blog.


Below are some drawings and sketches that I think reflect my personal style. I could like to work on these to create whole images that tell a story. Something with more narrative within them.

My scanner doesn’t pic up the fluorescent colors so they look different on the screen rather than computer. I plan on spending an afternoon photographing all my sketches professionally. I took most of these and adjusted the colors on photoshop.

girlcacti wolfgirl2 wolfgirl Scan 15Scan 9 Scan 14 Scan 8 Scan 6Scan 7 smokeman Scan 3 Scan 2

Below is some fun doodles I did in a small note pad. I got the note pad from a design exhibition. I used the template to create my own characters. I sued staedtler triplus fineliner pens. I tried to work each one with different patterns but usually ended up create the same ones.

Scan 21Scan 20 Scan 19 Scan 18


it seems that i mainly focus on drawing humans or animals. I would like to work on drawing the backgrounds or create an atmosphere for these characters. I am inspired by work done from screen printing. I don’t have a screen printing press and its difficult to find a studio or workshop here in bangkok in order to learn. I thought about buying a linoprinter for the home but must look into costs and space. I think because I want my work to look as though it has been done a screen press I use paint pens and flatten them by adding filters on photoshop. My favorite pen to use is POSCA paint pens in which I need to get them shipped to bangkok via amazon. Sometimes that can me expensive and Thailand also charges customs tax on top of the shipping costs!

I am not sure what my choices say about myself as an illustrator. I have been offered alot of unpaid work from friends for my graphic design and illustration skills. So I see my future as a working illustrator possible, hopefully working with clients to help with branding or product collections. Khiels has fired some illustrators to decorate their limited addition product and with that their packaging and window displays. That is something I would like to see myself working towards.


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