Exercise: draw, draw and draw again.


For this exercise, I chose this photograph as my reference material. Its a photograph I took during my time living in Angola. This giant cricket was crawling along the table we were eating on. In the photo it is sitting on my friends hat.



Below is my first drawing. In the drawing I included the as much detail as possible on the insect. I also added the details of the background into the image.

Scan 35


BELOW. Second drawing: I did this image quicker, but I also discarded any of the background imagery to focus on the important elements.



Scan 36


Below. Third drawing: from memory and with reference. This time I focused on the insect. Using my original drawings as a reference was helpful.


Scan 37



Below  Fourth Drawing: Entirely from memory. I thought this would be difficult to do, but it was much easier than I thought because I had already drawn it three times before.  However, I changed to position and size of the hat because before it wasn’t so apparent that the insect was even on top of a hat.

Scan 38

After completing the exercise, I scanned all images to post to my learning blog. I thought I might touch up my last drawing to make it a finished illustration.  Below is the finished result.




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