Exercise: Mixing and Matching.



Starting on paper and moving to a computer. [ DRAW – SCAN -COLOR ]

Scan 15


To start this project, i started drawing the same way I doodle just so that I have something to work with on the computer. I drew a girl and a pigeon flying at her.


Once drawn on paper, I scanned the image and played around with it on photoshop.

Below is my final image. I think it is better than my first because it starts to tell a story.  I added  a background to the original drawing.






Starting on the computer and then moving to paper. [ COLOUR – PRINT – DRAW ]

This one was much more challanging than I originally thought. My first few attempts where not very good.   lmay 10 In this image, I first downloaded a paintbrush set of lips. I chose a color and randomly put placed them around the composition. When I had printed I started drawing around the lips. I didnt complete the drawing because I lost interest quickly. I started again on photoshop, this time using just a rounded paint brush  and randomly drawing around the page. After messing around for a bit, I came up with the image below and thought that was something I could really work with by hand later.



I printed the image A4 and started drawing. My first two attempts (below) lead me to my final drawing.

lmay 8lmay 9

Below is my final drawing from computer to hand. I started by outlining what I started to define as a mountain or plateau. I wanted the image to be fantastical so I drew the women sleeping much larger than the trees so that you can image them as sleeping giants.

lmay 7



In the end, i went back to the computer. Mainly because I am not a fan of my scanner and I don’t like the way it scanned the finished drawing. I think the process did  show me a new way of approaching my process. The first exercise, the draw then move to a computer, is actually what I normally do with my art anyways. But the starting from the computer first is not something that I usually try. Once I came up with an image I liked on the computer and printed it, I wasn’t afraid to mess it up because I could just press print again and start over. I think there can be many ways to start from the computer before moving to analogue. For example, screen printing and also doing an andy warhol style painting you just add filters, change colors then project onto a canvas.


I enjoyed the second part of this exercise and I think I will try to create more art this way because you end up with some unexpected results through trail and error.



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