Illustration 2. Part 1 Assignment One


First thing I started was a little doodling while listening to the story. I read it over a few times and tried to think of what way I could reflect the visual depth. I also knew that part of this assigbnment was to take what i had learned from the previous exercise and apply that to this assignment. illustrat 20

Originally I was picturing looking above the city and bring able to see the abyss below. illustrat 24

I tried a few different ideas and layouts that you and see in my thumbnails below. illustrat 21

I attempted a one point perspective plan and I thought I could be conveying the height of this city by drawing the clouds along the mountain ridge. For me personally I find it hard to draw the building in perspective if they are not straight buildings. Even though my original image in my head was of a more organic city. I started to really like this idea of a more modern city in the mountains. But I wasn’t sure if I was following the brief. illustrat 22

The next none I attempted was of a isometric style. This time closer to the city and from a different angle of the mountains.

illustrat 23

Below is the final illustration



illustrat 26



In this one below, i used photoshop to manipulate the colors and texture of the image. I think this helps bring the city to life a little bit more. Actually I fear that I haven’t completed the brief exactly how I imagined I would. mainly because I think the city explained in the story was so descriptive with all its cables and such. I think I left too much out possible. The visual depth chosen was originally isometic but because I had automatically (with out even thinking) made the buildings in that back smaller, it actually has a more of its own visual logic. invisiblecity



Reflection on Illustration2 Part 1

Demonstration of technical and visual skills & Demonstration of Creativity:

I think here, my visual awareness, materials used and techniques are good to great. I am really happy with the work that I am producing and most importantly, I think I am really developing my personal voice. Instead of drawing what I think others expect, I just draw in my style and and up having more fun, which I think shows in the work that is produced. In my sketchbooks, I am experimenting more and trying to put together the whole picture.

Quality of Outcome: I think that I could be communicating my ideas earlier on in each exercise. I normally dont write much in my sketchbook but instead on write in the blog which sometimes is a few days later than when I had completed the exercise. Therefor I think I leave out important information for my tutor to understand how I got to a certain point. Sometimes I just have trouble putting into words. but I had a two month break from OCA and I think it just takes a while to get back into the ‘groove’.

Context reflection: Research is poor on my part. I definitely look up lots of different styles of art, artists and I am on many illustration blogs daily. However, I often forget names of these artists, don’t have a way of organizing the information and usually have a hard time putting into words how my art reflects and take inspiration from theirs, even though I know it does. I will always have problems with my writing, but as I said, once I get back into the habit of writing it should improve. Also, I might try to find a way of organizing the information so that it can be presented clearly.


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