Exercise: Less is more.



To start this exercise, I put a few color squares next to each other to see how they work together.I used posca paint pens to color in the squares. Then I started brainstorming the different domestic items with starting with the same letter.

Scan 39


I began brainstorming letter C. I came up with Chair, comb, clock, cutlery, cup, cheese board, couch, computer and others.  I practiced a bit in my sketchbook. I started with three colours first. I think these three colors worked well together and the white was only used by adding little white spots. I thought this also helped to make the illustrations look flat and processed digitally even though it was all made by hand.



The next brainstorming letter was letter T. For this I chose teapot, telephone, tv, trashcan, toaster. illustrat 1

Below is the my final illustration. The first one with blue, pink and white. The blue and pink are supposed to contrast each other and the white should tie them together. ALso below, I played with the image on photoshop to experiment with different color combinations.




The two colour domestic items was actually very fun to create.I think the limited color pallet helped me to work out different shapes and how they relate and compliment each other. I thought it would be nice to also add the word with the images using the two colors again. I was practicing my decorative hand rendered type. Cursive is not something I use very often, but with the two colors next to each other I think it modernizes the type. I thought about doing the type differently, by putting it into items that go with each illustration. for example, the word trash can would be written  on top of a banana peel, or the word toaster would be on top a piece of toast.  You can see this in my sketchbook pages above.



Overall I think this exercise helped to think about the space between colors, like does everything I draw need an outline or would it be a stronger illustration if I took out any line work? I also  think that if I had to do a full page busy illustration with a limited pallet such as only 3 colors, i t would really help me to see relations in shapes and tones.



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