Exercise: visual depth




1, 2 and 3 point perspective is something I am very familiar with. I took a fundamentals of drawling class in university and had to do many different drawings using perspective with hours and hours of shading! I also teach perspective to my students. However, I am more comfortable with zoomed out city scape like illustrations rather than interiors.

illustrat 12

I started with a room in my home, however, the room has be changed quite a bit in order for me to realistically be able to complete 6 drawings in an appropriate about of time. The first one I started with is 1-point perspective.

It a room with a window, record player, drawers, speakers and a painting. I added wooden floor panels to help with show the depth.

illustrat 13

Here is my two perspective drawing of the same room. The vanishing points and low to the ground but the view is still from the hip level and not from above at eye level,illustrat 14

Three point perspective drawing was done on an A3 paper. I think when the paper is larger it helps so that you can have your third vanishing point further away so that it is more exaggerated. I decided to do a worms eye view from the ground looking up.



My isometric drawing is from above. i think that was the easiest way to show an isometric point of view. This is not really difficult, but I think its easier when using graph paper. Otherwise if you get your lines a little off it could look off.

illustrat 15


There bottom two images where me drawing the rooms with its own logic. I didn’t completely understand and I think its really unsuccessful. I basically just started drawing wit out any help from vanishing points or rulers.

illustrat 16 illustrat 17illustrat 19

Here I started having fun again. I drew the room flat and from a looking straight at the focal point of the drawing. illustrat 18


My two favorite of the six drawings is 3 point perspective, for its exaggerated lines angles and the flat drawing. I think these different approaches affect the “meaning’ of the visual space being represented by changing the way we view them. Using 1,2 or 3 point perspective show a more realistic point of view, which looses the haphazardness that could be represented by breaking those rules. However, I also think a lot of other factors are involved in creating an illustrations and the way we show visual depths is one small part of it. This exercise is really helpful to see that there are so many way to go about creating the space for your illustrations.


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