Exercise: Drawing on the Familiar



I started this exercise thinking about where I could draw. I rarely go out to coffee shops to sit and work. I normally do my work from home and since I am unemployed I spend alot of time here. I started by drawing the construction site near my house that I look at while doing the dishes. But it was extremely tough to capture the essence of the site. I decided to start drawing my own home. the place I spend the most time. familiar 3

Below is my husband watching Kung Fu movies in bed with the cat. The bedroom was dark and cool, a nice change from the outdoor life of bangkok. I also drew my own reflection laying the bed.

familiar 2

The drawing below is what I would call more of a series of sections of the house. The first one is the living room.




And a close of up the cat laying on a pillow



The third is on the balcony,


And the last one is of the kitchen sink.




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