Exercise: drawing on location.

Living in thailand does has its perks. We did a quick weekend getaway to Koh Samui (an island 1 hour flights from Bangkok) I brought my work with me so that I would be behind. I also thought it would be a nice change of pace to be able to sketch in a location and environment that is not normal for me to be in.


The first sketch is from sitting at the hotel restaurant by the beach. I draw people enjoying their cocktails but mostly they were using their phones. also the wait staff in the windows looking as bored as ever.


location 2 location 3


The images below follows the exercise a bit better. As I documented men working on a boat on the beach.

There was two men. One was the owner of the hotel and the boat. The other was someone working on the boat. I tried my  best to document the events from painting the boat, the owner wondering around and making sure the work was getting done properly and the actions taking place.

Because I was going to be flying and sitting by the beach, the materials I chose was just basic pens and my usual sketchbook that I use for my OCA course. I also brought other smaller sketchbooks and you can see my other sketches from different trips on the personal sketchbook sections.

location location 1



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