Exercise: Everyday Fashion


fashion 3


The first thing I did for this exercise to look through some magazines to explore different clothing items that took my interest. I just started drawing a doodling to get myself in the mood of fashion.

fashion 4fashion 5

I took some interest in hats and feather dedails and thought about doing a series of hats. fashion 7

Eventually i moved on to my own doodling style and made up my own outfits and people. fashion 6

As a reporting sense I wasn’t able to complete. However, I found  picture of a friend and drew her in her leather jacket as I took interest in her style. Below is my first sketch of her sitting. I used water color to paint in some details.  I decided to use this image to create my final illustration.

fashion 2

My Second approach was a little bit more controlled. I used pen to draw the initial outlines then thick paint pens for the larger darker areas.I wanted to make sure that I was focusing on the fashion. I wanted to put in jacket details and shirt and jean details.

fashion 1

In my final image, i focused on the details i bit more. Adding textures to the jeans and belt. Also adding my own illustrative flare to her skin. not for any reason then it pleased me to do so.

fashion 8






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