Research Point: Architectural Illustration


The first name that comes to mind when i think of architectural illustration is actually Frank Ghery and his strange process of doodles to illustrations to construction. Ive heard that sometimes he even just crinkles up sheets of paper then stacks them into a form. From that form he sketches and then creates more detailed illustration. His process is great because it throws away the rulers and straight edges. Leading to more challenging structures that allow viewers to have different reactions from different angles. Frank





Looking Philip Buckingham’s illustration, most are using 3 point perspective and almost as a fantasy. More conceptual work but he has other work that looks as though it was drawn for a presentation.

KMBT_C224e-20140203121652 KMBT_C224e-20140203121808STUDIO4 View-from-20-Fenchurch-Street-150-dpi-1100x782



Watercolor, blurred lines and color are used to give an atmosphere and mood. Not made for pitching concepts.

arthurmantonlowe_4 arthurmantonlowe_1




Love the work done by Owen Pomery. The use of line is really successful in showing form, space and value.

owenpomery_6 owenpomery_4 owenpomery_3 owenpomery_9 owenpomery_8


Stella So




stella_so061stella_so041 stella_so011

Pen, ink, watercolor and dramatic perspectives.

Cathy Mcleod – Bangkok



thediplomat_2015-05-21_15-14-03-386x508 chinatown-620x827

I saw these painting up close and large at an exhibition a few months ago in Bangkok. The illustrator was highlighting specific suburbs of Bangkok. like china town or the red light district area. The buildings really do exist so she must of had to go to locations  and map out the area in order to get her illustrations to be as close to the real thing. The characters in the paintings were also very fun to see as they depicted the type of people you would see wondering around those areas.


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