Research Point: Natural Sciences

Jowett-480 Perrin-450 img-thing (2)Hoefnagel-Insp-4-150-dpi-600-wideBeckyUhlerStagBeetleLaprima_adolphinae

Above are images of illustrations that you would typically find in a botanical illustration book.

Below are images i collected from more contemporary image making for natural history.





Papaver-June-Poppy-550  psycho 3potato4-birdprintstumblr_nlau9gJuBW1u7vu4ao1_500il_340x270.312039840 Olaf-Hajek-Black-Antionette-Gestalten-book-2 imaginary-plant-watercolour masha-reva-syndicate-botanical-layers-011-700x1055 simpson ed33f8b5c263a9927ce531ec5ff44161-500x376 e5f92276c664bbd81ba24034708056c7-500x376 468949f662ad4e8a509fc6e3ab5de8b6-500x376


I noticed many illustrator using different technologies into their work weather it be computer graphics or tracing methods. I was really impressed with this illustrators work where she used paper cutting, pen and pencil to create her botanical prints.




6885b461cb7236313f489790de2a0953 cristina-amodeo-picame3 camelia rosa1


Exercise:  A rose by another name

On watercolor paper i draw different flowers and plants from observation. I used watercolor to fill in the details and some white gouache to as some highlights if needed. I used YOUTUBE as a source and watch many instructional videos to help me. I learned about laying down washes first and building up on that.



I think the cactus and the orchid flower still closed was the most successful for creating a realistic botanical painting. They all took alot of time because i had to wait for certain areas to dry and I had to build layers to get rich colors that were not muddled up.









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