Exercsie: there and back again


research point – Us and Them.


When thinking about this topic one exhibition I went to recently came to mind. The illustrator is Cathy Mcloed. Ive mentioned her before this and her illustrations when describing how someone uses drawing on the familiar to create a sense of a place. Her work also relates to this topic. In her exhibtion called building your own bangkok, she illustrated areas in Bangkok that are popular amongst tourism. There is an us and them sense especially when showing the red light district area which people go for many reason whether it be for sex tourism or just to have a look.

11938327_768505943258069_6820796432671300773_o11882671_769969669778363_1374876643415669447_o (1)

When looking at the illustration closer you can see all the different people. She works with stereotypes of Bangkok. Illustrating tourists from different countries, working girls, musicians, vendors, locals, motorcycle taxis, tuk tuk taxis, expats and in this image ‘sexpats”.

11659442_743558035752860_1229583320608542736_n  10441434_694480303993967_1838307075053896116_n



I started sketching on the bus. It was really shaking so all my lines were shakey. I thought I might incorporate this in my final work  but in the end, I used the effect of the water shaking in the bottle instead. I had a hard time drawing up and dowsn the isles so I just draw items around me.


The next sketch was at my destination. but it was just a really quick one. of my coconut drink and the beach hut we had to the night.


The way home was back at the bus station. I draw the bus in front of me. JOURNEY 5

And my drink at the bus stop. When I got home I brainstormed ideas to create three drawings to represent my journey and started working on composition ideas,



On the way there. The water moving around the bottle was something I drew while on the bus. The ropes behind it resprents the bungy chord basket that was falling apart.


My Destination: I drank a coconut on the beach when I arrived to the hotel.



Journey Home: At the Pattaya bus station. When you buy a drink they pour it into a bag and they keep the glass bottle to recycle or return to company. The background design is inspired by the seats on the bus.




I realise this is more about drinks than the journey. But honestly these were the things that jumped out at me. Not the bench where we wait, or the people waiting around for their bus. I didnt want to draw those things and sometimes the food we have make up a big part of our exploration and journeys.


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