lplpl William_Hogarth_-_Beer_Street William_Hogarth_-_Gin_Lane

I downloaded the images in high resolution and looked with a magnifying glass. I got to see much more into the images. Below are a few notes connected by line to the circled area.


ginbeer 1



The images are saying and sometimes symbolizing that gin creates these problems. I will list my observation

Riots – Non-orderly behavior/ ruckus

Hanging Body – Depression

The building collapsed – absence of labor – unemployment – no one cares to restore or maintain. no maintenance

Pouring a drink in baby’s mouth – carelessness – bad parenting

Skeletal body holding bottle of gin – Lack of respect of ones self – spent all money on gin, not food. the note next to the body says ” The downfall of Mrs. Gin”

Woman who could care less that her baby is falling to its death , she could be using drugs, have scabies or other skin problems due to drug and alcohol abuse.

“Drink for a penny, dead drunk for two pence, Clean straw for nothing” Clean straw? or Clear Straw? not sure it was hard to read.

Man eating like a dog – loss of self respect, loss of love for ones self.

Man dancing with a dead baby on a stick – seriously? That has nothing to do with gin. but in this poster it seems that if you drink gin, your behavior will drastically turn psychotic.

Woman being put into a coffin, her crying baby lies on the ground. – symbolizing carelessness, selfishness and repercussions of drinking gin.

No Idea what the Broker is doing. I tried to figure this one out but just could not.

Over all consensus: Drink gin and babies will die. The area is not in order, people are reckless and careless. Drining gin causes depression, loss of self respect, careless parenting, recklessness and death.


Flag – symbolizing liberty and pride of country.

Drinking while building – i think the main objective of this symbolisim is the construction. There is a foundation for construction and therefor the men can celebrate with beers

All the building are in good order

Riding in carriages – civilized and proper

the fish in baskets – the is an abundance of food because people are not too drunk to work and sell.

Books are symbolizing the thirst for knowledge. Beer helps you study!

Reading the news paper- you care enough to keep up with daily times. you are civilized.

Man Fixing the road – labor and maintinence is still important

Fat men drinking beer – beer keeps you healthy and happy.

Artist Painting – arts and appreciation of agriculture and the arts are still in order.


Overall Consensus of my observation: You can pound back the pints and the world will still be in order. Comparing it to the disorganized and dreadful scenery of Gin Lane, Beer Street seems to keep up with maintenance, keep interested in literature, arts, agriculture, politics and news. Labor and Employment keeps the town running and you can enjoy your ale while working!


There are some very out there symbols but overall the message is very clearly shown. Ale, not Gin.


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