Exercise: You are what you eat.


birdsofafeather 2

Above I started to write down a few different proverbs that I felt like I could find two meanings and illustrate.

I started with two heads are better than one. The meaning could easily be shown to imply the meaning of the good and the bad. The good is where we show two people working together and using their heads to solve a problem. The bad is having two heads on the same body. Which wouldn’t be ideal. This could be easily illustrated. I use lightbulbs and question marks to symbolize the idea of problem solving.


birdsofafeather 4

I then thought about birds of a feather flock together.  This one actually was hard to figure out good in the advice because i believe its good to surround yourself with different people with different interest. However, it is true that some people who have similar interest seem to stick together.

For the bad, I used smoking as to symbolize the bad. As an ex-smoker, I did hang around with a lot of smokers during breaks at work. Sometime smoking more cigarettes than normally because I was surround by other smokers.

birdsofafeather 3birdsofafeather 5

I went with this illustration in the end because the bearded men are flocking together with their similiar interest of facial hair. The ladies are flocking together because if their smoking habit. I chose this circular format because I thought it should easily make them into a set.

birdsofafeather 6


Below is testing out the colors. My scanner sometimes picks up colors differently then how they look on paper. So i tested out different color schemes and even on different paper. Actually the color I was working with on the previous page was my favorite but I am glad I tested ideas first. birdsofafeather211


birdsofafeatherbirdsofafeather 1

Above are my final drawings, then below is afterI scanned and changed gthe background color.

Over all I think I create two successsfull illustrations. However, I would have changed the font to a more playful type, and also stuck with birds of a feather, FLOCK together instead of StTICK together.

I think I had a Billie Holiday song stuck in my head… so I used the word Stick instead of flock. I prefer flock.



birdsofafeather 2birdsofafeather1birdsofafeatherr


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