Research Point: Metamorphosis


I haven;t read the short story before, but I read an extended plot summery and it seems like a very interesting and disturbingly sad story. From what i gathered, his days were affected by the door being opened or closed.


metamorphosis_lg In this illustration, it shows the room as more important than the metamorphosis itself.

Metamorphosis done done small  In this illustration, th ebody of the insect is of a human brain, which could mean that the entire metamorphosis was in his head? That he is the only one keeping himself trapped.

e1d587a17eef0e0c06f4752e134aa8b2 This artist  shows the door as being an important metaphor for being trapped. By showing the insect running away from the outside world. Showing the difference in their bodies.


db0d7ce1c419cc8f837e48a4b1791085 Metamorfosi-Kafka kafka-the-metamorphosis-nadia-alenov These past three really show the insects body really taking overhis body, mind and freedom. By showing a human body being trapped. The-Metamorphosis-Franz-Kafka-by-Mina-Bach15-2-720x340  Frank-Kafka-The-Metamorphosis-MINT-VINETU-ADS-2000-21 the-metamorphosis-john-ashton-golden 16991635._SX540_

And the last ones are showing how artist place the insect on the bed, looking at the door, unable to move or open it. Really trapped inside the room, the body of this insect and not able to speak. I think the way the artist shows the human shadow really helps us to realize that the man gregor inside is still inside.


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