Exercise: Once upon a time


I decided pretty quickly to do little red riding hood as i knew the story well, and I also knew there were variations so I could sort of pick and choose which direction I wanted to take the illustrations. Did I want it to be dark or playful?  The First part of the story was the mission its self being announced. So I decided to run with the mother telling LIttleRRH that she put together a basket for her sick grandmother and she needs to take it to her.

I thought about different ways the text could work with the image. Below I used thumbnails to brainstorm.



Moving on to when Little RRD meets the wolf is another important part of the story. But really I went through the Brothers grimm story and decided that the series I would produce would be illustration with spoken words.

The sinister wolf saying “Good Day Little Red Riding hood”


The Third part of the series woul dbe the wolf saying all the better to eat you with! I thought about how when you turn the page, this would be immediately on the left page so that you were sort of shocked by the image. I think it has better impact this way. I also printed a few different fonts to try out if I wanted to use a collage text style, but in the end I felt the handwriting was the strongest with the images.



Below are the three final images I did on paper. I like the added leaves with were originally placed sort of as a garnish for the cake, but then I thought about how it could tie throughout the entire series. Since she is walking through a forest.


Im still undecided if added the textured paper was a bad idea since it changed the Black and white to more of a black and beige. Which wasnt what I was going for. I think maybe the images feel a little bit more striking before digitally altering it. Below I created mock ups of how it could look in a story book.


Folk 1 Mock up

FOLK book mock2

And here next to text. After saving the mockup I realized that the text is a little off on the work ‘appeased’ and if this was professional work I would change it and possibly spend more time trying out different fonts. I did change the font several times but didn’t screen shot my process. In the end I though font with serifs might be best for a fairytale story.




I really like my series of black and white illustrations for the little red riding hood story. I wanted so badly to put in color (especially red!) but in the end I am glad I didn’t. The illustration are full page and the way I incorporated the story’s text is with in the illustrations. I think the  second one where the wolf is saying good day is actually quite powerful because its not a text bubble coming out of his mouth and since he is a wild animal, its almost like he is speaking to her telepathically. Or at least that is the feel I got from it. The Last illustration has the wolf saying “all the better to EAT YOU with!” and in that illustration the words are shooting out of his mouth to show how quickly and loud he said those words.


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