Exercise: Girl Meets boy

Beow is how I brainstormed for this sequential illustration. At first I thought if I draw characters then a story might come out of it. Then I started writing down ideas of how girl meets boy and how girl loses boy. I also tried to do it in three-five panels but that limited my story line, unless I could get the narrative to work.

In the end I thought of an idea and decided to draw the sequence.

comic 3

Below is the first rough sketch in pencil of the sequence of the comic strip story. I thought I could create this story easily, but not in only 3 panels. First attempt at the story was 10 panels

comic 4

Below is is the character development – a quick one.

comic 5


I was ready to start drawing, I thought I would draw even rectangular panels that if I needed to, I could cut and paste. I also thought about how my old Imac had a program called comic life which would have been perfect for me to take each illustration and create different formats and panel shapes. I could also use it to create the text. Well its now an App that you need to buy and it costs about $30 USD so I decided I didnt need it!

When beginning to draw in each panel I thought about the text first and where that is going to be placed into the panel. I wrote in pencil first.  I sometimes used pencil to sketch out lightly where the characters would be in the panels. Then used paint pens and micron pens for the color.

comic comic 1 comic 2


I scanned these into my conputer and placed them in photoshop to arrange how the panels would sit.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 2.28.50 PM

I also wanted to see if other color combinations would work better. Mainly because my scanner really washes out the colors of anything I scan!  The reason I first chose to lay it out this way was because I thought about adding an extra box to sort of put a title. I came up with titles like ‘RUBY AND STEVE’ or ‘STEVE THE CAT’ similar to ‘PEANUTS’ or ‘CALVIN AND HOBBS’. Maybe there would be a little drawing of the two of them (The girl and the cat) and this story just happens to be about Ruby on a date. Maybe the get up to funny business about the little box or a mouse toy that Steve decided he doesn’t care about.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 2.20.34 PM Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 2.20.44 PM


In the end I created this 9 panel comic strip. I placed the  panels in each row closer together so that they flow easier than if they were all equally spaced apart.




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