Exercise: Flipbook and animated gifs


For this assignment, I skipped the writing of the research I did because it was so minimal (eek sorry I was worried about time) To be honest, I have never really been interested in animated. I took a course when I was in Jr university in california about 10 years aog and it was painstakingly difficult and I do not have the patience for it. So for this assignment I decided to do a quick flip book using an illustration I have already completed. I scanned it and created my flip book on photoshop

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 4.34.50 PM Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 4.32.32 PM



My printer has been really bad with printing black ever since I moved house. I think the movers might have dropped it. So I chose to make the flip book orange so that the color comes out clear.



Below is the end product of me cutting the and binding the flip book. (binding was done with a clip)





It turned out okay and I was happy with the outcome.



Then I decided, using a similar illustration, to create a GIF. I used a website called GIF maker.

After scanning my image, worked backwards erasing the text on the wolf and moving the leaves down. This was actually really cool and my interest in create GIFs have emerged.









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