Exercise: Animal Farm


Anthropomorphism – I thought about this word when creating my character. But first, I thought about character development and some examples ive seen of that. I remember my brother showing me a tv show called Adventure time in which the characters are constantly changing shape and expressions while not straying to their true character. I pulled a few images off google to show the examples.



finnfaces_of_jake_by_jakeliven-d6ffawkmaxresdefault (1)finn__s_faces_by_tipsykipsy-d5jvxx9aa28a4d140de61f655413e645167e7b2


I used these faces while brainstorming my own character. In the end I really liked the koala character I started creating here.


animal farm



I found an example of character sketches of a koala to help me with body shape.

Below is my final animal character that I have named Bruce the Koala. To give it human characteristics I obviously made the mouth and eye gestures human while keeping the nose very Koala like. I also added a little sweater.

animal farm 1



And here is a link to the Character development exercise I did while completing OCA Illustration 1





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