Assignment Three: A graphic short story.

To start begin, I first googled Graphic short stories. I found this wonderful set of entries for the graphic short prize for the guardian in 2011. The first one is amazing


Graphic Short Story Prize 2015


I started to search and read through many short stories. I found many websites, but ultimately the one below offered many options for me to read and also categorized them so I could easily navigate through the website.


The top stories I picked out were

“The Wish” by Roald Dahl

“The School”
Sixty Stories
by Donald Barthelme

“My Financial Career” by Stephen Leacock   (this is very funny and mainly dialog if you want a good short read!)

“The Umbrella Man” Roald Dahl

The story I short story I decided to turn into a graphic short was the Umbrella man by Roald Dahl. You can read it here: http://www.berkleymiddle.net/uploads/2/6/5/7/26570297/the_umbrella_man.pdf

It was helpful to read the synopsis of the story because it boiled the story down to its most basic. I printed out the story and underlined important parts and dialog of the story.

I started to draw out som echracters and graphic stills of the story. I thought it would be important to create the characters before thumbnails. But actually I wasnt getting very far with working this way so I made some thumbnails and just strted sketching out the story in pencil. Because of my scanner I went over the lines with black marker and grey marker.


graphicnovel 24 graphicnovel 25 graphicnovel 26graphicnovel 27

After creating the thumbnails, I felt like it was easier to visualize how the story would be represented visually. I then started to think about materials, styling, color and characters. I decided to start working on the first box. I knew before that I didn’t want them to be all the same size. So I thought about how I could make the first box rectangular.

graphicnovel 28

Above, the top image, I used watercolor. I enjoyed using the medium, but it didnt end up looking the way I wanted. In my mind, I thought about my tutor suggesting that I explore other materials. But since this is a final assignment for Part 3, I thought I should go back to the materials I’m most comfortable with. In the bottom image I used my paint markers that I am so comfortable with. But it also wasn’t looking how I imagined.

graphicnovel 33

graphicnovel 5

After drawing the sketched image which I was quite happy with, I knew that I would need to show that it was raining. But because  I wasn’t happy with any of the test marks I made in my sketchbook of rain, I thought it would be better if done on photoshop. I downloaded a PNG. of rain and blended it on top of my image. I found it to be successful and I really liked the overall look of the illustration. I wasn’t sure if I would use the background as the color orange but when I started changing it on photoshop I noticed that I liked the orange better than other colors. So I left it

graphicnovel 5

Since I got the style of the graphic novel down. I kept working in this fashion. Making one image, then scanning it and putting on the textures and blending rain on top of them. Then when I felt like ai had completed a page, I put that page together. I used my thumbnails to help me create the story step by step. With out the thumbnails I don’t think I would have completed the illustrations as successfully.

graphicnovel 31

graphicnovel 2graphicnovel 30graphicnovel 1

graphicnovel 4


graphicnovel 3

graphicnovel 7



graphicnovel 34

graphicnovel 6

graphicnovel 35

graphicnovel 12 graphicnovel 18  graphicnovel 16 graphicnovel 15 graphicnovel 14 graphicnovel 13

graphicnovel 29

graphicnovel 17 graphicnovel 18

graphicnovel 32graphicnovel 19 graphicnovel 20 graphicnovel 21




AFter completing the graphic novel I started to think about the cover.


graphicnovel 23

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 4.18.57 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-06 at 4.05.00 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-04 at 7.01.32 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-04 at 7.00.09 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-04 at 6.49.45 PM


The finished Graphic Novel is below. I



PAGEONEgraphicnovelPAGETWOgraphicnovel PAGETHREEgraphicnovelPAGEFOURgraphicnovel

I struggled a little bit with a few small things. Like the sizing and placement of each box.  I didn’t want them the same size but having them different sizes and not planning before hand left me with a puzzle challenge that could have been avoided.

CLick on th elink below to see the PDF version of the completed graphic novel.




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