Research Point on social networking


Online portfolios.

I have probably used 3 or 4 different websites as onlne portfolios. I started with Carbonmade.com you can probably find my old work still on there. Lets see what we can find witha quick google search of my name.



It looks as if I must have changed it a few years ago. So I erased my old work.


Same here. I must have deleted all the work on there. I have been meaning to find a great online portfolio for free that also allows me to use pyapal for my portrait business that I have been up to. I have had people contacting me to do portrait work for them. So far I dont have a website, but friends of friends of been asking and I think if I had the right page I coul dmake it into a great business. Other websites I have found are:




Websites for sharing work:

http://illustrationfriday.com/  this website has a theme or topic each week and people submit their illustrations correlating   with the topic of the week.  Sometimes I submit work on there but so far have never been voted the winner.




Obviously Instagram is great for sharing and collecting followers. But another way to get your name out there And make a little bit of money is by allowing other larger companies to list your work but they handle all printing costs. Websites such as…


They printon paper, canvas, pillowcases, totes, framed prints, wall clocks, mugs, laotop cases, iohone cases etc etc. The artists get a VERY small percentage of the sale however it exposes your work.

Etsy is great for handmade items.





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