Exercise: Paper Circus.

Research point. Illustrators who use paper as a medium rather than just a surface. I

I have actually looked a a few artist who have done this before during Part 1 of illustration and used it as inspiration for a children book cover in the exericise: Animals from around the world.


The links below are some of the amazing artist that will help inspire my exercise.


Someone created a pinterest board with some incredible paper art





cute-eye-catching-3d-paper-art-illustration-paper-collages-10 9-hnbc-paper-illustrations cute-eye-catching-3d-paper-art-illustration-paper-collages-8


From research I can see work that uses paper as a medium working flat, with photography, three dimentional and perspective.


I get gifted alot of fun paper from my mother in low, she lives in Japan and loves stationary. I also created my own paper once y using oil paints, turpentine and water. I marbled the paint and then dipped the paper into the bucket to print the paint onto the paper. It was really fun and I am always trying to find ways to use that paper. I used it for the childrens book exercise.

animalsworld 1 animalsworld 17 animalsworld 8


Maybe I will do something similar but instead make it three dimensional, sculpt it and use photography to bring it to life.


6fd6c66a10281de64a9531f9ee11c161 23d851fc65f0a4ebc9d78f3d4d19f650 images (5) Papercraft-Animals-Series-0 paper-animals-7


I also looked at more bomboland illustrations. decided to head in that direction. Below is the sketches for brainstrming layout in my sketchbook.


paper 3 paper 4 paper 6


I first made this vector image below on adobe illustrator and then printed it so that I could use it to trace the letters as I cut.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 4.28.10 PM

IMG_7733 IMG_7736 IMG_7734 IMG_7739

I messed up a few times and I wasnt really happt with the results. However, the idea was there. Below is an example of what I wanted to achieve, but I would happily make due with a less three dimentional version because I think part of what BOMBO does is use specialty lighting and photography.



Below is my continuation of brainstorming by sketching.

paper 5paper 7

I had some really incredible paper that I got in Japan that I wanted to use. After my layout sketching I decided to cut out a few of the ideas and see how it works visually.

paper paper 1

Above is the paper i had to work with. Below is the beginning of the circus poster taking shape.


IMG_7742 IMG_7748

I use a cutting knife and free handedly cut out most of the letters. I sometimes drew something on the paper but for the letters it worked better if I just cut straight away. That way there was no pencil marks.

Before gluing anything down I tried many different color combinations for backgrounds


paper 2

Above is the first scanned image. I know it needed more information and I tried to cheat a little and do it on the computer but it was really obvious that it wasnt hand cut but instead computer assisted and I think it took away from the paper. I knew that I would need to photograph the image and create all the information by hand.



Above is the final poster. With the wood and all. I think the wood helps it look more paper cut. I wish I didn’t have the big crease in the middle of the paper but there was nothing I could do to change that. I was worried that the “CIRCUS SPECTACULAR” looked a little bit too similar to caution tape that you see at crime scenes. but making sure the letters are a little wobbly and cutting the edges as ribbon helped to reduce that connection. Overall I think this is quite a successful poster. I originally envisioned a border and deeper layers like the example I showed earlier but this was actually very time consuming and creating that effect was going to be more difficult than I originally imagined. I had to use specialty glue and tweezers to get everything in the right place! I was afraid to use the glue because of how permanent it made it, so basically the entire time I left everything on without glue so that I could easily make changes. Once I glued the pieces down i was confident in the design and layout choices I made.


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