Assigment four:


‘you are here’

highlights of the brief: Open brief “you are here”, Focus on developing your illustrative work, fanzine, graphic novel, artist book, and others.

Brain storming. I used my sketchbook to brainstorm ideas for this assignment. The first thing that came to mind was a graphic novel. When i though of you are here I instantly thought of my daughter. (SO CHEESY!) I just had a baby and since she is the best thing ever it was only natural that I would think of her. I thought of how ‘she is here’

my first idea was a graphic novel story for her entrance into the world, about her new surroundings or about mine and my husbands life changes since she has arrives. Titled ‘You are here’ it could be a humorous graphic novel about how since she arrived, we have vomit on our clothes, laundry never ends, getting exercise by pacing back and forth around the house, no more drinking, weekends at home and difficulties trying to do anything! But then how sweet she is also at the end. I thought this could be dedicated to her.

I kept brainstorming because I didn’t want to just begin with my first idea. I googled the phrase and hit images. I saw a lot of maps and where we are in the milky way galaxy. Ultimately, I am on a time crunch for this assignment. I am packing up my house in a week to move to Japan. All my art supplies, computer and everything will be in shipment and customs for the next 4-6 weeks, then i have to unpack, set up a new house in a new country with a new baby! So I really want to get assignment in before then. With a time crunch and only being able to get someone to watch the baby for a few hours a day, I have to think fast and work fast. If I am unhappy with my results, I can always come back to this assignment to redo it before formal assessment. But I think I can come up with a solid, creative idea for this brief that can be completed in such a short time.


I thought about making an artist book using the letters and creating illustrations inside the letters. I thought about countries visited, places or landmarks, maps for like a guide book or travel. Then I thought about a book of mazes when I thought of a Map.

youarehere 1

I continued to work through the idea of a maze.

youarehere 2


examples taken from the internet of other illustrative mazes.

I also looked on Youtube at tutorials for mazing your own maze.

mythical-maze-2manfried4454sophie3youarehere 3


I started to think a little bit more about the phrase ‘you are here’ and how I can just relate that so that I can illlustrated what I want to illustrate and what I do best. I thought about how ‘I am here’!

See me work, here me roar, I am here and I want to showcase what i Have. you are here aswell so you can participate. I can still make a maze so that it ties in with the theme while also being about how we can be connected though art.

youarehere 4


I looked at some of my art from my sketch books that best represent the style I have been developing and that could work for the book of mazes.

SKETCH2015 40 SKETCH2015 54 SKETCH2015 30 SKETCH2015 24 doodles page2 Nari Scan 2 Scan 7 smokeman wolfgirl2


I made one maze to see if I was liking the idea. I am really happy with the result.

I created it on paper that is an off white but my scanner is terrible and washed it out. I then went to photoshp to add the textured paper that I love to add to my work.


youarehere 5


youareheremaze1 Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 1.58.42 PM

I am going to make maybe 5 more like this so that its a little book that you can draw into and play the game.

youarehere 6 youarehere 7 youarehere 8 youarehere 9 youarehere 10 youarehere 11 youarehere 12 youarehere 13 mazecover mazepg1 mazepg2 mazepg3 mazepg4 mazepg5 mazepg6



Please click on the link below to see the PDF version.



In my mind this would be a little book that is free. Its a way to showcase my work as well as have fun with it and become involved in the art. I could offer my services of creating custom mazes with portraits of people or for children create theri favorite scenes or their names with a maze. It could also be downloadable.


Over all I think this hit the brief. I was interested in creating a graphic novel but this was also fun to do. Ive never created a maze before so it took a little forethought in order to create the pages.


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