Exercise: Whats your working process?


  1. How would I describe my working process?
  2. What stages do you go through? How do you undertake research?
  3. How and when do you critique your work and what questions do you ask yourself?
  4. How do you manage your time?
  5. what are the sticking points
  6. what do you think are your strengths and where do you need to develope further?
  7. whats the process of finishing your work?

1. I would describe my working process as something that is always develpoing, changing and something that you practice and learn. Before entering an OCA program I dont think I had much of a working process other that dive right in. I was afraid or lazy to test out other ideas.

2. The thing I rely on the most in the internet to research ideas. WIth out this I would use books and go to the library. Which is still a good idea but not as easy or convienvient. One stage I find the most useful (most of the time) is a doodling stage. I read a brief and the first thing I do I doodle on the subject to get it all out there. ALthough sometimes this ends up being a large time waster as I havent fully researched the topic. But its part of what I love about what I do. I get to be creative and this is part of my process. It may have something to do with getting ideas out on paper and letting them go.

3.I am terrible at formally cirtiqing my work. However, I do this at the end of each exercise and because its something I had to learn how to do, it gets easier each time. I look at where I think I could improve, how I would improve and what I would do differently. I also look at my successes.

4. Managing my time is all th esudden a much more difficult task. Its quite funny to be writing about this now (today) because I haven’t touched my Uni work in MONTHS. I had a baby in May, moved to Tokyo in July then battled with being a first time mother with out help, support or friends in an entirely new country that doesnt speak english! School has been on my mind but not priority. Today I hired a helper to watch my baby while I get some work done. Before having a baby, I was unemployed , supported by my husband to finish university and I worked money-friday 8 am- 4pm everyday. somedays I worked into the evening because I enjoyed what I was gdoing so much. These days I put the baby to sleep and watch netflix because im exhausted. However, I think I was afraid to get back into it and now I am ready to begin full force. I will try to get as much work done while I can. Make more sacrifices and get the work done because I actually really enjoy it.

5. I dont really understand this question

6. My strength is my style but i need todevelop further in finalizing my work professionally. I would also like to work harder to get some work exhibited. That is a goal in the next few years. ,

7. The process of finishing my work relys heavily on googling how to do it! Depending on the assignment, the brief, the exercise.



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