Exercise: writing a rational



I was asked to read the briefs and identify wha the client wants and how they will judge what a successful outcome would be.


Sample Brief 1: Client BBC2


The client is looking for a 20 second possibly animated credit opening for the Culture show. The audience is young, modern metropolitain minded 25-44.  Showing latest graphic illustration showing fashion, music, arts, culture. As for explaining the brief, I think its clear what is expected.

I would ask the client if they wanted a completed 20 second sequence or if a concept board is required before any final work is made. The brief is fairly open. on a scale from 1-10 (10 being most open) then I would say its a 5.


Sample Brief 2: client Orange

Breif; this one is abit more confusing. What is the final production? what media will it be shown? on a scale from open to closed id call it a 8. I would ask the client what media will this be down. Are you open to any collage or animated graphic? Who are the potential customers of Orange.


Sample Brief 3: Sainburys

Very clear brief. Create an artwork that will appear on a new range of bags and the theme is clear. It also has the bag dimensions and info on color. I even know that the logo doesn’t need to be incorporated because it will be on the side gussets. I am also assuming that this is for reusable shopping bags, not paper bags.  I have no questions, except maybe what color will the bag and handles be?



I choose the write my rational on the third brief because its clear how I would go about answering this brief.


Ther first thing I would do is research the company, (because I dont live in the UK, I actually need to look up what sainsburys is)

I will research previous shopping bags hey have commissioned.6065a9ea1a9c69d9fc7b64e038cd1a03


And then choose a topic that interest or inspires me out of the three themes they have given.

1. be the best for food and health

2. Show respect for our environment

3. Source with integrity.

I feel like number 2 has been done over and over on reusable bags so i immediately loose interest in that topic but I could eventually revisit that idea.

I am thinking #3 source with integrity as that is a topic that has been sparking interest in many communities.

respf _m6r6069


while researching the topic I found the website from sainsbury about their values



From here I would start the doodling then thumbnailing process. I may ask more questions. I will create a mock up and send it to the client. If they approve then I would complete the illustrations ready for print.

I found writing a rational useful in struturing my creative thinking yes. But actually i hav emany approaches to completing a brief. I belive every exercise in OCA projects are mini briefs or even a large brief. Each one requires a different way to tackle the exercise. Sometimes my method would be to start graphically, or create a spidergram of words to help me brainstorm. Or head out to a location to do research. But yes, writing it out is a useful took to see how we thing creatively.



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