reflection about this unit




This was a challenging course, not because of the exercises, but because of my personal life. I found out I was pregnant and I severely distracted with that. But I continued my work of course. I was also studying to read and write Thai, buying and renovating a new apartment in a foreign country, then I had a baby and then I moved out of my new apartment and moved to Japan! After that I started settling into a new country, with a new baby.  All this in one year. I took a leave of absence from OCA because I just couldn’t do it all. I appreciate the support I got from the school and how they were so understanding of my situation. But regardless of that, I still struggled with this course. I wouldn’t say the work was terrible, in fact, I believe the work produced is at a much more professional level than I have previously ever done. But a lot of the academic properties that each assignment/exercise requires was probably not as in depth as I would have normally accomplished.

What I wanted out of this course was to respond to briefs. This is exactly what the course was asking us to do. Have I been successful in that? Yes I believe I have. However, most of my clients are not anyone but myself. So maybe I am biased. With exception to the last part of the course in which we actually found a real client to work for and they wrote the brief. But the best thing about this course is the confidence it gave me to respond to a brief which allowed me to take a risk and advertise myself as a working artist. I have had many clients now for different projects. Mainly portraits but also gig posters, websites, wedding invites etc. So for that, I am really happy with the outcome of this course. I am excited to continue.


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